Small mammal plans

Our small mammal plans cover everything you need to provide the best standard of care for your furry pets of all sizes.

What are wellness plans?

We believe that extraordinary pets deserve an extraordinary level of care, and a proactive, preventative approach to care for pets of all shapes and sizes. Our Exotic Pet Wellness Club helps cover the cost of everyday care for your furry, feathered or scaled friends.

Our plans provide a simple, affordable way for you to ensure that your exotic pets are protected against preventable diseases and discomfort (by ensuring that parasite control, vaccinations and general health are up to date).

The Exotic Pet Wellness Club gives you the reassurance of knowing you are providing the best possible care for your exotic pet, while spreading the cost across interest-free low cost monthly payments. You will also be receiving great exclusive discounts on nutritional items, veterinary services, procedures and diagnostic investigations – saving £80, £120 or even £140 a year!

Choose your plan

We offer three reptile wellness plans to suit your needs.

Silver membership

£10 per month

Note: This plan is designed for small mammals and rodents that do not require annual vaccinations. Please see gold membership for that.

  • Annual nose-to-tail health check with a vet
  • Two wellness check nurse clinics
  • Free nail clips
  • Regular protection against flystrike
  • A bottle of Pro-C probiotic supplementation
  • Free microchipping
  • 10% off neutering procedures
  • 10% discount off clinical consultations

Gold membership

£22 per month

All Silver benefits, PLUS:

  • Annual vaccinations for rabbits (RHD1+2 & myxomatosis) & ferrets (distemper)
  • One free vet consult and goodie bag, for small mammals and rodents that do not require vaccinations
  • 6 bags of Burgess hay with hedgerow herbs, for herbivores
  • Burgess nutritionally balanced complete diet, for omnivores & carnivores

Diamond membership

£32 per month

All Silver & Gold benefits, PLUS:

  • Annual faecal microscopy (for parasite management)
  • Annual full small mammal health profile (blood sampling and interpolation included +/- sedation if needed)
  • An extra bottle of Pro-C probiotic supplementation
  • 20% discount on neutering
  • 20% discount on any further consults
  • 20% off all radiograph imaging
  • 20% off all ultrasound imaging

Why do we recommend a small mammal wellness plan?

Bloodwork can help to assess overall health status, and identify underlying issues earlier; X-rays and ultrasounds can be used to assess the internal organs, check bone density, and look for abnormalities that might be the cause of certain symptoms, or a source of discomfort for your animal. Which is why we include a full mammal profile as part of our diamond membership.

Please note: If you require VACCINATIONS for rabbits & ferrets; please select GOLD membership. Other small mammals can still take advantage of the benefits of gold & diamond membership, such as food and discounts, but will receive a free vet consult and goody bag (in place of a vaccination consult).

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