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Our completely unique Exotic Pet Wellness Club; to help you cover the cost of everyday care for your furry, feathered or scaled friends, while receiving great discounts on surgical procedures, diagnostic investigations, vet services, and nutritional items.

Introducing our Exotic Pet Wellness Club

At Suffolk Exotic Vets we believe that extraordinary pets deserve an extraordinary level of care; we also believe in a proactive, preventative approach to care for pets of all shapes and sizes!

For this reason, we have created our completely unique Exotic Pet Wellness Club; to help you cover the cost of everyday care for your furry, feathered or scaled friends. We know how important your pets’ health is, and understand that exotic veterinary treatments aren’t cheap, and we want to help you keep pets healthy and happy for as long as possible.

Our plans provide an affordable and simple way for you to ensure that your exotic pets are protected against preventable diseases and discomfort (by ensuring that parasite control, vaccinations and general health are up to date).

The Exotic Pet Wellness Club gives you the reassurance of knowing you are providing the best possible care for your exotic pet, while spreading the cost across interest-free low cost monthly payments. You will also be receiving great exclusive discounts on nutritional items, veterinary services, procedures and diagnostic investigations—saving £80, £120 or even £140 a year!

How it works

Our wellness plans come in three different tiers: silver, gold & diamond level.

These are then tailor-made to suit the individual wellness needs of each of our main species groups: reptiles, birds (including a special plan for poultry) and small mammals & rodents. We have specifically selected the highest quality exotic healthcare & nutritional items from brands we trust, to offer as part of the plans.

What to do next

It only takes five minutes to apply! To sign your pet(s) up to one of our plans, you can do so via your PetsApp portal, you can pop into the practice and fill out a form, you can fill out a form online, or feel free to discuss the Exotic Pet Wellness Club with your vet or nurse during consultation.

If you have any questions or would like some more information you can pop us a message on PetsApp (our free instant messaging service app), email us at reception@exoticvetsuffolk.co.uk or give the client care team a call on 01502 447 501, and we will be happy to have a chat with you about the various plans and their benefits.

Avian plans

Wellness plans specially designed for the unique needs of birds of all sizes.

Reptile plans

Wellness plans that cater to the unique needs of snakes, lizards, tortoises, and more.

Small mammal plans

Wellness plans for small mammals including hamsters, rabbits, rats, gerbils, and more.

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