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Learn more about the services we offer at Suffolk Exotic Vets.


First opinion and referral appointments with our vets and nurses.

Consultations enable our team of experts to conduct a first-hand assessment of your animal and advise on any potential care needs.

Browse the range of consultative services we offer to understand the different ways we’re able to check up on your exotic animals.


Our dedicated facilities enable us to provide care for your exotic pets.

From radiography to overnight recovery, our equipment and facilities allow us to provide a number of additional services, without needing to refer cases to other practices.

Explore our facilities to learn more about the services we can provide in our practice.


We provide a range of procedures to treat your animal’s care needs.

This can include everything from routine care under general anaesthetic, through to surgical procedures and investigative practices like endoscopies.

Explore our range of procedures for an in-depth look at the ways we can provide the necessary care for your exotic animal, at the times when they need it most.

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