Vet consultations

Learn more about consultations with our veterinary team.

At Suffolk Exotic Vets, we offer expert veterinary care for your exotic pets. Our vet consultations provide an opportunity for a 30-minute session with our skilled exotic veterinary surgeons, aimed at addressing a variety of needs.

About our vet consultations

Regular check-ups with one of our vets as a crucial step in maintaining the well-being of your exotic pets. Here’s what our vet consultations cover:

  • Routine health checks: Keep your exotic pet in the best possible health with regular check-ups.
  • Pre/post-hibernation checks: Ensure a safe and smooth transition for hibernating pets.
  • Accidents and emergency appointments: Immediate care for unexpected situations.
  • Physical examination: Our veterinary surgeons perform a thorough examination to assess your pet’s overall health.
  • Problem assessment and diagnosis: We are equipped to identify and diagnose illnesses or health issues.
  • Prognosis and treatment options: Discuss the prognosis and explore various treatment options with our experienced team.
  • Husbandry discussion: Enjoy an extended consultation time to address any questions or concerns related to the care and husbandry of your exotic pet.

Your exotic pet’s health and well-being are our priority, and these consultations are a valuable opportunity to ensure their continued vitality and happiness. If you have any queries or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to provide top-quality care for your beloved exotic companions.

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